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A River Runs Through It

The Mighty Gros Ventre River
GVRR river path d2r0 - present-01.jpg
After the Slide
GVRR river path d2r0 - 1925-01-01.jpg
1925, Before Slide

A Slide that Moved Rivers

Ownership on both banks

In 1925 a massive land slide pushed the mighty Gros Ventre River into the property boundary. This unique event bestowed ownership rights on both banks of this Nationally recognized Wild & Scenic River to Grand View River Ranch for nearly a half mile of its flow.

Hover over the image on the left to see how the river moved

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Wild & Scenic

The most pristine waters in the lower 48

The Gros Ventre River has been accorded the distinction of being a “Wild & Scenic River,” affording it comprehensive protection against development activities that could potentially harm its ecological and wildlife habitats, which are instrumental in supporting its thriving ecosystem. The stretch of river leading up to Slide Lake, which was formed by a significant landslide, is privately owned, with exclusive access granted solely to the proprietor. As a result, the river section between the ranch and Slide Lake is untainted, with its pristine fishing conditions remaining largely undisturbed, owing to the challenges involved in accessing it from public land. 


While the Snake River may be most known for its dramatic views, its abundant aquatic wildlife is what keeps locals and traveling anglers most enthralled. Over 400 miles of Teton County rivers and creeks are protected and nationally recognized as wild and scenic - the most of any county in the lower 48 states. Grand Teton National Park in particular has a worldwide reputation for its excellent trout fishing. Of the five species of trout present in the park, however, only the Snake River cutthroat trout is native. More than a dozen species of fish thrive in the rivers of Grand Teton National Park.

GVRR Midsummer Sunrise Aerials 1.jpg

Blue Ribbon Fishing

Entirely private and pristine fishing

Jackson Hole and Wyoming are known worldwide for its exceptional fishing. The region boasts numerous rivers, streams, and lakes, which provide excellent opportunities for fly fishing. The Snake River, with its scenic beauty and diverse fishing experiences, is a favorite among anglers. It features a variety of fish, including trout, cutthroat, and brown trout, making it a top destination for anglers of all skill levels.


The region also features an abundance of other popular fisheries, including the Gros Ventre River, the Green River, the Hoback River, Jackson Lake, Yellowstone Lake, the Salt River, and many others. These rivers offer different types of fishing experiences, from challenging rapids and pocket water to serene pools and gentle meandering streams. The lakes in the region are also home to various fish species, including lake trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon.


Overall, the fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is an experience like no other. With its picturesque scenery, diverse fish species, private and public fishing, and world-class guides, the region offers a unique fishing experience that should not be missed by any angler.


Hundreds of Miles of River

From the scenic Snake River to the roaring Gros Ventre and countless streams

Boaters of all types enjoy a huge variety of water in Jackson Hole, from Wyoming's biggest whitewater that challenges rafters and kayakers, to picturesque scenic floats at the base of the Tetons.

Boaters enjoy Many mountain lakes, including Jackson Lake, Yellowstone Lake, Palisades Lake, Lewis Lake, Slide Lake, and so many more within an hour's drive, for wakesurfing, waterskiing, and boat-only accessible camping.

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